Leveraging AI-Driven Marketing to Transform Real Estate Sales

Nov 23, 2023

Covid affected every industry out there especially those focused on in-person sales. So naturally even the real estate industry had to adapt. Targeting individuals, especially through social media, has been on the rise. According to a 2021 NAR (National Associate of Realtors) research, 90% of real estate agents use it to promote their listings to the public. Instagram comes in second, with 52% of agents using it, and 48% of agents using LinkedIn.

But as a real estate agent, your hands are already full. With finding leads and properties, researching about them, contacting and chasing up potential clients, conducting viewings, negotiating and closing deals — the last thing you want to take up is social media marketing. 

Although nowadays you see plenty of reels and TikToks of property walkthroughs and beautifully designed posts/carousels it still takes time, money, and effort to carry out SMM as a real estate agent. You need a graphic designer, video editor, copywriter, a social media manager to manage the accounts and post the content, etc. 

But worry not, AI to the rescue!

Embracing AI-Driven Marketing Tools

AI-Powered Content Creation: ChatGPT and Beyond:

ChatGPT for Copywriting:

A versatile tool like ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, can be tailored to understand your business, creating content that aligns with your brand voice and target audience. Real estate agents can use ChatGPT to create personalized and engaging property descriptions, email campaigns, and web content. Its ability to understand and align with a brand’s voice ensures consistency across all written communications.

Jasper AI for Blogging:

Jasper AI specializes in generating blog content, providing a useful tool for real estate agents looking to engage clients with informative articles. Jasper excels in generating informative and SEO-optimized blog posts on topics like market trends, home improvement tips, and neighborhood guides. This helps real estate websites attract more traffic and establish authority in the industry.

Graphic Design and Visual Content Creation:

Canva for Design:

Canva’s user-friendly interface and vast template library make it ideal for creating social media graphics. Real estate agents can use Canva to create visually appealing marketing materials such as property flyers, social media posts, and email headers. Its easy-to-use templates and design elements help in quickly crafting professional-looking content.

Innovative Video Editing Tools:

InVideo for Property Walkthroughs:

InVideo stands out with its user-friendly interface and a vast array of customizable templates, including those tailored for real estate property showcases. It provides essential editing tools and a rich stock media library, enabling real estate agents to create immersive property walkthroughs and compelling listing videos with ease. This is especially beneficial for producing engaging content for social media and email campaigns, enhancing brand visibility without needing advanced video editing skills.

Lumen5 for Market Updates:

Lumen5, powered by AI, specializes in transforming text content into dynamic videos. It's ideal for converting market updates, educational articles, or client testimonials into visually appealing formats. The platform's AI algorithms assist in suggesting visuals and layouts, simplifying the video creation process. With features like custom branding and a variety of formats suitable for different platforms, Lumen5 enables real estate professionals to repurpose existing written content into engaging videos, significantly enhancing audience engagement and providing a fresh, informative perspective to potential clients. Both InVideo and Lumen5 offer efficient, cost-effective solutions for real estate agents to elevate their marketing strategies with minimal technical expertise.

Social Media Management and Analytics:

Hootsuite for Scheduling:

Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts across multiple platforms and analyze engagement data. Use Case: Real estate agents can use Canva to create visually appealing marketing materials such as property flyers, social media posts, and email headers. Its easy-to-use templates and design elements help in quickly crafting professional-looking content.

Sprout Social for Insights:

Sprout Social provides in-depth analytics and social listening tools to optimize your SMM strategy. Sprout Social’s analytics tools can help real estate businesses track engagement and optimize their social media marketing strategy. Understanding audience behavior can lead to more effective targeting and content creation.

Customer Relationship Management Integration:

Salesforce for Lead Tracking:

Salesforce offers robust CRM capabilities, integrating social media interactions for a more personalized client approach. Salesforce can be used in real estate for tracking leads and managing client interactions. Its robust system allows for detailed tracking of potential buyers’ journeys, enhancing follow-ups and personalization of services.

HubSpot for Marketing Automation:

HubSpot’s marketing automation tools work seamlessly with its CRM component, streamlining lead nurturing processes. HubSpot aids in automating marketing tasks like email campaigns, lead nurturing, and segmentation. This integration with CRM streamlines the process from lead generation to conversion, making it easier for agents to focus on closing deals.

Kendal AI: A Comprehensive Marketing Suite for Real Estate Professionals

Kendal AI stands out with its enterprise package, offering a holistic solution for real estate marketing needs. It combines content creation, graphic design, video editing, social media management, CRM integration, and analytics into one platform. This suite is designed specifically for real estate agents, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and effective marketing strategy. Learn more about Kendal AI and its offerings here.

Conclusion: The Future of Real Estate Marketing Is AI-Driven

In the rapidly evolving real estate market, adapting to digital marketing strategies is not just a trend but a necessity. AI-driven tools like ChatGPT, Jasper AI, Canva, InVideo, Hootsuite, Salesforce, and HubSpot have revolutionized how real estate professionals approach marketing. Kendal.ai encapsulates these functionalities, offering a comprehensive, streamlined solution tailored for the real estate sector. Embracing these technologies can significantly enhance marketing efficiency and effectiveness, leading to greater reach and success in real estate sales.