The Power of Videos in Social Media Engagement

Oct 4, 2023

Ever found yourself on a quick video break, only to realize hours have flown by? You’re not alone. There's a reason for that, and it's not just the cat videos.

Why Videos are a Game Changer on Social Media:

1. Social Media Platforms Love Videos:

Here’s something interesting: platforms like Facebook and Instagram really push videos to the top. My friend Sarah once switched from posting her bakery’s new cakes as photos to videos of her decorating them. The difference was clear. Videos got more likes, comments, and most importantly, shares. In fact, studies suggest videos get shared 1200% more than texts and images combined!

2. Videos are Engaging on Another Level:

You ever start with a cooking video and suddenly you’re watching a DIY home makeover? Videos aren’t just visual; they’re an experience. With movement, sound, and sometimes heartwarming stories, they engage viewers more than any other form of content. This might be why videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.

3. Videos Stick with Us:

After watching a video, a viewer retains 95% of the message, compared to only 10% when reading text. Think about it: remember that workout video you watched last week? Bet you remember most of those exercises!

But Photos Aren't Going Anywhere:

While videos are having a moment, photos still hold their ground. A powerful image can resonate deeply and instantly. They capture moments, emotions, and stories without the need for play buttons. Remember the viral image trends? One strong photo can set the Internet on fire.

Balancing Act in the Digital Space:

In the vast world of online content, videos might be shining bright, but photos add their own unique flavor. They complement each other. For those aiming to make a mark online, blending the extensive reach of videos with the depth of photos is the key. And if making standout videos feels like a task, Kendal is here to make it a breeze.

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