Prompt Engineering 101: Mastering the Art of Communication with Kendal

Jun 14, 2023

AI CAN’T READ YOUR MIND! Atleast not yet. That’s why you hear people talking about things like “Prompts” and “Prompt Engineering” so much.

AI has been creating magic around the world, only because people have learnt to tell it exactly how to do that. But this isn’t a talent that only a few lucky individuals have been blessed with, here’s how you’re going to start doing it.

Using AI is really like training a new member on your team, you can’t give them vague information and expect them to do their best work; bringing us to the oldest advice in the book -

Be Specific with your prompts

Fill in your prompt with all the required details of your idea. Let’s use Kendal to understand. When generating a post on Kendal, give it clear instructions. What do you want to be talking about in your post, who are you targeting, is it a professional announcement, or a fun giveaway? Give it the right details so it crafts the right copy.

But remember, while being specific is important, also make sure you don’t overload your prompt with too many contradicting keywords or details that end up confusing the AI.

Keep it simple and straight to the point.

Set The Tone with your prompts

When it comes to generating a post through Kendal, using the right keywords and picking the right styles dictate what your post will look like, it is the soul of your creative.

For a fintech company, that could mean using keywords like classy, clean, finance, and the style would be professional and minimal. McDonald’s on the other hand would use words like yellow, red, playful, fun, picking styles like creative, bold and vibrant.

Let’s talk examples -

  1. Fashion Retailer

  • Prompt: I want a stylish fashionable summer collection announcement post showcasing three top-selling dresses. Mention that it is a limited-time offer. The post should be in pastel tones targeting young adults. Want the tone of the messaging to be exciting and alluring.

  • Style: Vibrant, Creative, Bold

  1. Tech Start-Up

  • Prompt: Launch our new 'TechSavvy' AI-driven app that offers automated task management, cloud-based collaborations, and intuitive UI for enhanced productivity. Include a testimonial: 'It's a game-changer! - Alex.' The target audience busy entrepreneurs. I want the message tone: Innovative and confident.

  • Style: Minimal, Professional

  1. Fitness Gym

  • Prompt: Introduce our 'FitFast' HIIT class, emphasizing 30-minute workouts, tailored exercise plans, and a chance to burn up to 500 calories. Offer first class free. Keep tone motivational and upbeat.

  • Style: Dynamic and energetic.

  1. Children's Toy Store

  • Prompt: I need an informal and energetic post highlighting our 'EcoPlay' wooden toy range. Emphasize non-toxic paints, durable build, and educational value. Recommend for ages 2-4.

  • Style: Creative, Bold, Vibrant.

Like in life, it’s really all about communication. Your output can only be as good as what you put in. So make sure you tell Kendal everything you need it to do, and then just watch the magic happen.