Consistency Meets Creativity. A Content Calendar: The Unsung Hero of Content Strategy.

May 27, 2022

Did you know that 70% of businesses that use a content calendar grow their social media following by 20% or more?

In today's digital age, content creation and social media management face the challenge of fleeting attention spans. With the rise of endless scrolling, it's crucial for content creators and business owners to stay ahead of the curve. Relying on spontaneity alone can lead to burnout. The solution? A content calendar for social media.

Why You Need a Content Calendar for Social Media:

  1. Predictability Over Panic:

Planning what to post and when eliminates the last-minute rush. According to a study by CoSchedule, marketers who plan ahead are 356% more likely to achieve success.

For instance, consider Nike’s “Dream Crazy” campaign with Colin Kaepernick. This campaign was not a spontaneous decision; it was the result of extensive planning and strategy. From the ad creation to social media announcements and influencer partnerships, everything was scheduled. As a result, Nike saw a 31% rise in online sales post-campaign. This emphasizes the importance of proactive planning in social media strategy. A content calendar helps brands strategize effectively, steering clear of last-minute rushes and amplifying their impact.

  1. Consistency is King:

Search algorithms, especially on platforms like Instagram, value consistency. Instagram's algorithm, for example, favors accounts that:

  • Post frequently

  • Maintain consistent posting schedules

  • Receive high engagement (likes, comments, saves)

However, achieving this consistency without a structured plan can be taxing. A content calendar isn't just about scheduling posts; it's about posting with purpose.

  1. Space for Creativity:

David Ogilvy, the renowned "Father of Advertising," believed in the power of clear guidelines. This principle is true for content creation too. A content calendar provides a structured framework, allowing creators to channel their creativity effectively.

Look at Netflix's promotional strategies – they're mapped out months in advance to ensure consistent buzz without overwhelming their audience. In our digital era, with 4.8 billion people accessing social media, uniqueness requires more than creativity; it demands strategic planning.

With a content calendar, you're positioning your brand to lead rather than follow. Don't rely on luck for your brand's success; strategize for it.

Navigating the complexities of planning can be challenging, but that’s where Kendal, your social media assistant, can assist. Kendal is your go-to tool for designing a tailored content calendar. Once you've outlined your topics, Kendal can help in crafting specific assets for each. From the initial planning phase to content creation, Kendal simplifies the process.

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