Jun 14, 2023

Prompt Engineering 101: Mastering the Art of Communication with Kendal


Master the art of AI Prompts

Prompt engineering is now considered to be one of the hottest tech jobs in the industry with six-figure salaries, that doesn’t require a degree in computer engineering, or even advanced coding skills. But what exactly is a “prompt” and what is “prompt engineering”?

A prompt or prompting is how humans talk to AI. It’s how we tell the AI what we want and how we want it, usually done with words. Now prompt engineering is basically the art of training the emerging crop of AI tools to deliver more accurate and relevant responses to the questions real people are likely to pose.

When it comes to using an AI tool, it is important to understand - in the prompt lies the power.

But what exactly is a "good" prompt? And how can you craft one?

In this guide, we’ll break down the elements of a solid prompt and provide some handy tips to craft effective prompts. Alright then, let's get into it!

1. Start with the Basics

Every prompt begins by specifying what you need. For instance, “I need an Instagram post…" or "I need a carousel for LinkedIn…". This helps Kendal understand the type of content you're requesting.

2. Be Specific

Kendal is a smart cookie, but it can't guess your needs. Make sure to include specifics about your request, such as:

  • The topic or subject of your content

  • The style or tone you want

  • Any specific themes or concepts you want to include

For example, "I need an Instagram post promoting our new line of eco-friendly shoes. The tone should be casual, and it should emphasize on the sustainability aspect."

3. Keep It Simple, and Keep It Real

While being specific is important, overloading your prompt with too many details can confuse the AI. Keep your instructions clear and to-the-point.

  1. Review and Refine

Finally, always review your prompt before sending it. Make sure it reads clearly, and that it contains all the necessary information. Feel free to refine it until you're satisfied.

Remember, crafting a good prompt is both an art and a science. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, you unlock a whole new world of unlimited possibilities with AI.

Content by Kendal

Now that we've covered the basics, it's time to look at the different types of content Kendal can create for you.

Kendal goes beyond just generating text. It can help you with creating videos, adding subtitles, even AI voiceovers, and much more. It’s like your very own creative agency, nestled within your device. And the craziest part? Kendal can do this in multiple languages from all over the world!

We think that’s pretty awesome.

But remember, the magic truly happens when you master the art of crafting a clear, precise, and detailed prompt. The better your prompt, the better your content. And to help you get there, here are some sample prompts to inspire you for different types of content:

Crafting Prompts for Different Types of Content

Crafting prompts differs based on the type of content you want Kendal to create.

  • Short Video: I need a 10-second promotional video for our new line of skincare products. The video should emphasize the natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extract, and Jojoba Oil used in our products. The aesthetic should be relaxed and organic.”

  • Carousels: "We're a sustainable fashion brand named 'EcoVogue'. I need a carousel post showcasing our 4-step process of creating garments. The steps are 1) Sourcing eco-friendly materials, 2) Designing sustainable styles, 3) Ethical manufacturing, and 4) Packaging with recycled materials. Each slide should highlight a different step, with a brief description and relevant imagery. For the last slide, include a call-to-action for viewers to visit our website to learn more about our dedication to sustainability."

  • Copywriting: "Could you craft an engaging caption for our Instagram post featuring our new summer collection? The caption should be light-hearted, and highlight the unique designs and comfortable fit of our clothing. Don't forget to include a call-to-action for followers to check out the collection on our website."

  • Trend recommendations in list format: "Tell me what's trending on Instagram right now that could be relevant for a fitness brand."

  • Add subtitles for your videos: "I have a video where I talk about the benefits of our product. Could you please add subtitles to it?"

  • AI-Generated Voiceovers: "I need a strong and bold female voice for this. The script is as follows: "Welcome to a new era of security with our smart home security system. Unbox, set up in just 15 minutes, and embrace peace of mind. Cutting-edge AI tech, coupled with affordability, makes it the smart, secure choice for your home.”

To make it even easier, here are some templates for you to directly pick up and use by filling in your requirements:

  • Short Video: "I need a [duration]-second video for [your topic or brand]. The video should highlight [key elements or features]. The aesthetic should be [desired aesthetic or feel]."

  • Carousels: "I need a carousel post for my [type of business or brand] named [business name]. The carousel should showcase our [what you want on the post]. The last slide should include a call-to-action for viewers to [desired action]."

  • Copywriting: "Could you craft an engaging caption for our post featuring [describe the post's content]? The caption should be [desired tone], and highlight [key points or features to emphasize]. Don't forget to include a call-to-action for followers to [desired action]."

  • Trend recommendations in list format: "Can you tell me what's trending on [platform] right now that could be relevant for a [type of brand/business]?"

  • Add subtitles for your videos: "I have a video where I [describe the video's content]. Could you please add subtitles to it?"

  • AI-Generated Voiceovers: "I need a [type of voice or personality] voice for this. The script is: "[insert your script here]."

At the end of the day, the only way to get the best results is to experiment and see what really works. The more you try, the better you get at fully utilizing the generative power of Kendal.

Until then, we think this piece should give you a pretty good start. Happy prompting!

Let the AI magic begin ✨.

Take your social media to the next level with minimal effort.

Let the AI magic begin ✨.

Take your social media to the next level with minimal effort.

Let the AI magic begin ✨.

Take your social media to the next level with minimal effort.